[Ardour-Users] Compiling Ardour ?

Josh Parmenter josh at realizedsound.net
Sat Jan 26 20:18:01 PST 2008

Sorry... but the last part of that was being VERY sarcastic. I'm sorry  
you spent the energy to reply to it (since I agree with about  
everything you are saying... and I personally like to live on the edge  
of new distros).

I do feel bad for the amount of work nando does though because of the  
Fedora cycle. But it is the nature of the beast.


On Jan 26, 2008, at 7:08 PM, lanas wrote:

> Le Samedi, 26 Janvier 2008 16:42:10 -0800,
> Josh Parmenter <josh at realizedsound.net> a écrit :
>> I'm constantly amazed (and saddened for nando) about the rate of
>> change in Fedora. On Mac, I was quite grateful for the Leopard
>> delay. I guess the only solution (if you want slower development)
>> would be to switch to Windows where OS changes take many years.
> I must say that I do not agree with this.  An extreme is not an
> alternative to another extreme.  What would prevent a smooth upgrade
> path scaled over time instead of sudden version changes ?
> I might be inexperienced in the domain of world-distributed distros  
> and
> what I see is that dramatic changes in glibc would warrant a similar
> theatrical major version change.  And that is, if you want really to
> upgrade glibc as if you'd like very much to drive in a brand new car
> knowing very well that you loose $5,000 has soon as you get out of the
> dealership's garage. So to speak.
> I mean, careful ponderation should be exercized.  For instance, does
> the new ardour need the new glibc badly ?  I think not.  And I think
> not for many, many packages.  Not even the kernel.
> So I think it is very possible to simply keep the upgrades of the
> packages without changing to a new major release.  You might not get
> the latest Windows-compatible KDE based on the
> global-mobile-satellite-ready newest Qt but then, what are the users
> _really_ loosing ?  Can they wait a year or more for the next major
> release if you provide in the meanwhile a smooth upgrade path to most
> of the major packages including security patches and kernel upgrades
> without the need to reinstall an OS ? I think many can.
> It sure beats having to reinstall an OS every 3 months and, as the  
> case
> is for audio work, harrassing Fernando for brand-new packages because
> now that the new OS verison is installed, one has to wait for the  
> audio
> packages to be ready so that one can make music.  This is nonsense.   
> At
> beat it provides great times to play that accoustic guitar and record
> sketches on a portable mp3 recorder ! ;-)
> On one hand we had a Windows OS that had to be reinstalled every once
> in a while for any kind of reasons and on the other hand we have Linux
> systems that asks you to reinstall steadily a few times per year.
> I guess I could be ready for Debian but I ran homemade Linux systems
> built from scratch (eg. LFS) for many years both professionally and at
> home, running VmWare, MuSE, and all apps under WindowMaker.  I steered
> out of the way a few years ago but now I'm back at it and really, my
> experience with pre-packaged Linux distros is all right, but when it
> comes down to it, a homemade maintained Linux distro always had my
> favor for stability of both OS and applications.  You know what's  
> going
> on in there, and the boot scripts are not by any means like labyrinths
> of artificial intelligence.
> I guess I prefer dumber and stable over fancy and erratic :-)
> Thanks for reading, I hope you found that entertaining.
> Cheers,
> Al
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