[Ardour-Users] Linux Drivers for RME HDSPe AIO ?

Maluvia maluvia at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 07:37:22 PST 2008

I just found an alternative to the Fireface for notebooks that I'm
really excited about:
Magma makes external enclosures for PCI and PCI Express cards which
look really promising.
The PCI enclosures use a CardBus host with SCSI-type cable, while the
PCIe enclosures use an ExpressCard host with a fiber optic cable, and
are rack mountable.
(They're also less expensive than the PCI enclosures)


As RME is about to release their new HDSPe AIO, (the PCIe upgrade to
our current 9632s), this leads to my question:
Is there any advance word about whether RME will allow open source
drivers for this interface?
Would they be the same as for the HDSP PCI family?

- Maluvia


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