[Ardour-Users] non-active track still read from disk?

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Mon Jan 7 03:02:57 PST 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 20:20 -0400, francis keyes wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Is there a version of Ardour 2 available in which audio tracks, when
>> deactivated, will not be read from the disk on playback?
>> Right now I am using ardour2-2.1-1.fc7.ccrma
>> I have a huge session with lots of tracks but I don't need to hear all
>> the tracks at once.  I am having a hard time playing the session
>> because "The disk on my system can't keep up with Ardour." 
>> I can solve this problem by deactivating (right-click on the track and
>> un-check Active) AND muting the audio regions in the tracks I'm not
>> using.  Having to mute all the regions in a deactivated track seems
>> redundant and is a pain in the neck.  Is this the way Ardour is
>> supposed to work?  Is it "fixed" in a newer version? 
> its not fixed, but its a very good observation. i think i can fix this
> very easily tomorrow, before i release 2.2. stay tuned.
hi paul, that is great news!!
but look, before you release 2.2, please have a look at the bugs no. 
0001859 and 0001653.
perhaps they are not that hard to solve for you or someone else from the 
team, but they really do not fit in such a great peace of software like 


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