[Ardour-Users] EQ plugin recommendations?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu Jan 3 14:49:28 PST 2008

Am Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2008 schrieb Justin M. Streiner:
> I'm looking for a good parametric or graphic EQ plugin that 1. plays
> nicely with Ardour and 2. isn't a huge CPU hog.  I know people have
> cautioned against the TAP EQ plugins in the past and my brief experience
> with them leads me to agree.  Activating the multiband EQ for playback on
> an existing track would cause Ardour to crash or hang pretty reliably.
> Any recommendations people might have are greatly appreciated!

swh's triple band parametric. Or the one from fons, don't remember its name...

btw: thread-hijacking is considered evil.

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