[Ardour-Users] isrc and related

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 12:46:56 PST 2008


I'm about to release my CD (made with linux software, including ardour) 
and it's pretty much do-it-yourself all the way.

I was told that before delivering my audio to the company that's gonna 
produce/burn/print/press the CD, I have to put an isrc code "into the 
audio". I just played a bit with ardours export and it turns out there's 
something in the location dialog that seems to handle just that 
(aparently I have no clue what isrc is).

So now I have an ardour session with all track lined up starting, ending 
and fading just the way they should + made a CD markers range for each 

How does it work?

1) Is isrc a character sequence and what's it doing?

2) Would I get a single isrc-code for the entire cd, and type that in 
each field or would I get a seperate one for each track?

3) How about the composer, performer and title fields for each range? 
Should they be filled in, are they used for CD-TEXT, and what is that 

4) Regarding locations. I read 
http://ardour.org/files/manual/ch-exporting.html which suggests I should 
make a CD markers range for each song.
a) how about start of a track and end of previous one, should they be on 
top of each other?
b) upon opening the locations dialog, I got an error, aparently because 
my first track started too early. Should I place the marker at 2secs and 
drag the audio there also?

peace, love & harmony

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