[Ardour-Users] Motherboard hints and tips?

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Sat Feb 2 17:38:03 PST 2008

You're right - Ardour can't load a softsynth.

Now, this isn't really answering your question, but this is what I like 
to do. I don't really understand what you mean by an offline mixdown, so 
what I'm about to say may be utterly useless to you, but it's late and 
I'm drunk so here goes...

I'm no big fan of MIDI sequencers, I have an irrational fear of piano 
roll editors... What I do is use jack-dssi-host and dssi-vst. If you 
install both of these and set the environment variable VST_PATH to point 
to where your VST instruments are installed, it's a simple matter of 
typing 'jack-dssi-host dssi-vst.so:PluginName.dll' (PluginName being the 
instrument you want to use). You can then use qjackctrl to connect the 
audio output of the softsynth into Ardour, connect your MIDI input to 
the softsynth's MIDI input, and even connect the softsynth direct to 
your soundcard's output (for 'hardware-style' monitoring) and just 
record the audio output of the softsynth into Ardour as you play. I've 
used this successfully with Native Instruments VST synth plugins, and 
the GMedia M-Tron. I've got a 2GHz athlon and 1GB of RAM, so if it works 
for me it ought to work for you, although I recall you saying you had 
worse motherboard issues than even I do.

I would assume that there's also no reason why you can't patch the MIDI 
input into Rosegarden so you can record the MIDI as well, or patch 
Rosegarden into the softsynth's input so the softsynth plays back a 
prerecorded MIDI file. It's all about patching things into other things 
(to paraphrase Monty Python) with Jack. The power of it is all in qjackctl.

If that made sense, I'm less drunk than I feel.


Thomas GH Dorsch||Pianist & Composer wrote:
> I spent 6 hours to get a damned VST Plugin to work with Rosegarden.
> Now I am looking for an option how to export audio, or do a mixdown, 
> like every other programm can do. I was very much shure that Rosegarden 
> can do it, because if not, why would it even record audio then?? The 
> idea is to run an offline mixdown of a midi file that controls a plugin. 
> Like in Sonar or LogicExpress.
> and yes, I know this is the Ardour mailing list. I don't think Ardour 
> could load a softsynth. How would it be controlled via midi, or how 
> would I bounce it to an audio file.
> I need this offline option, because with 1.67ghz, Athlon, and 2GB ram, 
> my computer is too slow. I use Jacklab, btw...
> Please let me know,
> Cheers,
> Thomas (very much frustrated)
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