[Ardour-Users] Motherboard hints and tips?

Thomas GH Dorsch||Pianist & Composer info at pianowave.com
Sat Feb 2 16:37:24 PST 2008

I spent 6 hours to get a damned VST Plugin to work with Rosegarden.

Now I am looking for an option how to export audio, or do a mixdown, 
like every other programm can do. I was very much shure that Rosegarden 
can do it, because if not, why would it even record audio then?? The 
idea is to run an offline mixdown of a midi file that controls a plugin. 
Like in Sonar or LogicExpress.

and yes, I know this is the Ardour mailing list. I don't think Ardour 
could load a softsynth. How would it be controlled via midi, or how 
would I bounce it to an audio file.

I need this offline option, because with 1.67ghz, Athlon, and 2GB ram, 
my computer is too slow. I use Jacklab, btw...

Please let me know,

Thomas (very much frustrated)

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