[Ardour-Users] Expanding the manual

Tanjeff-Nicolai Moos tanjeff at not-another-server.net
Tue Dec 30 05:39:19 PST 2008

Am Mon, 29 Dec 2008 11:19:31 +0100
schrieb Tanjeff-Nicolai Moos <tanjeff at not-another-server.net>:

> I'm quite new to ardour and want help expanding the users manual a bit
> as I learn to use the software.
Yet another question, related to versions and the build system.
Seemingly you do maintain a 2.x branch as well as a 3.x branch. I use
2.x because I want a stable application. Currently my distro
(archlinux) offers 2.5. When updating the manual, is it okay to write
for the 2.x  branch?

Secondly: how to build the manual? Is it neccessary to build the
complete app? The makefile say that a scons script has to be run.


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