[Ardour-Users] My Recent Struggles With the RT kernel and Ardour - With Happy Ending

Joe Hartley jh at brainiac.com
Tue Dec 23 09:03:07 PST 2008

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008 08:21:23 -0800
JOHN LYON <jalyon at shaw.ca> wrote:
> The short version: my problem was the XFF nForce 680i LT SLI motherbaord. When I fianlly swapped in an Asus P5QL Pro motherbaord, I could use the Linux rt kernel at very low latencies without any xruns.

A very interesting tale - I'm glad you got everything working!  I'm
interested as to whether you ever disabled the onboard sound on the 
motherboard and if that had any effect.

I've been through a few different machines now using a Delta 1010 for
the audio, and thanks in no small part to the Planet CCRMA efforts,
I've always had excellent success with rt kernels and low latency. 

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