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Tue Dec 16 19:44:58 PST 2008

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may I please ask you to take one step back and don't generalize so much?
When watching the threads of the last weeks, it is clear that you suffered
from quite some bad experiences. You seem to have spent money and upgraded your
hardware, and you seem to have tried out numerous installations of SuSE and
Debian/64Studio in various combinations, just to find yourself driven from
one problem to the next one and basically incapable of making music with
your computer at the moment.

But please don't overlook there *are* people able to make music on linux based
systems and there are even some of them who built all this, made it happen out
of nothing. Please consider what it means to those people if you now decide
that Linux obviously has no future for multimedia ;-)

You may encounter people treating you derogatory -- who knows, maybe they aren't
even 18 years old. This may seem blatant, but please don't overlook there are
much more people just reading, observing silently, and there are still other
people which answer politely and try to help. So, please don't mistake the
bits right at hand for the whole thing.

You state
> There is one issue with Linux in general, there are problems and people that 
> know about those problems and a community were most people are not using 
> Linux as a tool to make music, but as a religion and they won't have things 
> getting better. There is one thing better with Windows. Windows isn't a 
> religion and that might be the reason that maybe will make me change to 
> Windows.

While I admit there is a grain of truth in it, you can't uphold it as a general
statement. Because actually there are lots of people which don't abuse Linux as
a religion, and I personally encountered lots and lots of people which do stick
to Windows as if it was a religion. Windows is commercial, and Capitalism in
itself probably has deeply religious roots. This doesn't mean it's bad or
good and actually we should try not to deal with these things in terms of
good and bad.

Rather, maybe you could reconsider the one big difference, namely that with
this experiences you made with linux, you actually got a glimpse at the
inner workings, which you never get if you just buy finished products.
As a developer, I can assure you: this laborious, painful and sometimes
messy process is how software is evolved. At times you can put weeks and
months and more of your time into some goal without any guarantee that
it finally works out. The only advice which actually brings you ahead
is to go one step one time (an this means really only one step one time),
while always assuring you act based on knowledge and not based on assumptions.

Tailored to your specific situation this means: There is the 64Studio stable,
which actually was put together for the goal of doing professional audio.
It actually works (as good as it can be), but it is based on Etch and thus
a bit outdated. None of the other setups, mixed installations and experiments
you tried besides it do meet these criteria (others may do, but maybe you didn't
try them). SuSE is a general purpose distro, Lenny is not yet released and any
combination with hand-made packages is basically just as it is.

So, if your hardware doesn't work with the stable Etch based solution, for now
this is the end of the known realm. In some weeks or months the situation will
look different. You may try to get ahead from this current situation, and if
you don't or can't do so successfully, others will do. At least they are now
warned by your misfortune, and, some time ahead, we all may know how to get
ahead and reach the next stable release.

	Hermann V.

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