[Ardour-Users] [Jack-Devel] Just a suggestion about how to handle bug reports

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Dec 16 17:29:22 PST 2008

Hi Kevin :)

Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> Maybe a few days or weeks of breathing room could reset things for you?


> Myself I've never found anything but support (moral and code) in
> any Linux related audio group of people, list or otherwise.  I've
> never seen anyone "banned" from any of these groups

It seems to be, that I'm not banned from any audio community, also not
at the one where I have written sharp words, maybe it was one of the
moderators from a non-audio Linux forum, where I don't used sharp words
(resp. any word can be a sharp word if you say the truth) and maybe I'm
just banned there.

Anyway, it's possible to have trouble, because you can't talk about bugs.

Maybe I'm the only one having this problems. I also was the only one
having the bug I asked for help, with a lot of other only once ;).

You are right with the breathing room.


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