[Ardour-Users] broken gate-plugin with 2.7.1 release

rob rob at curates-egg.org
Sat Dec 13 05:23:21 PST 2008

Sampo Savolainen wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 20:30 +0000, rob wrote:
>> I've been away from recording for a few months but recently took the 
>> plunge and upgraded Ardour and jack to latest versions.
>> My favourite (ok - second favourite) plugin for treating drums (the swh 
>> gate) seems to be almost entirely non-functional here in latest Ardour.  
>> I've tried with and without the DC-offset/denormal handling options to 
>> no effect.  Hosting the plugin externally (jack-rack) works just fine.
>> Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?
> I saw something a bit similar yesterday. But let me ask first, how
> non-functional? Did it pass the sound through it unaltered, or did it
> mute the track?
It had no effect - until I tried to choose key-listen and was almost 
struck to my monitor cones :)
> Yesterday I started gating a snare while tracking some guitars. I don't
> recall did I add the gate when the transport was rolling, but I didn't
> get the gate to "gate" the snare at all. But after I restarted the
> transport, it started working right.
I reopened my session, and inserted the gate again (whilst transport 
stopped).   The plugin has no effect.

Stopping/restarting the transport - no effect.

Stop, bypass-plugin, enable-plugin, restart-transport - no effect.
> Can you confirm that we are seeing the same sort of behavior?
Same behaviour, except it never works for me.


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