[Ardour-Users] punch-in with hardware monitoring - latency problem

plutek-infinity plutek at infinity.net
Mon Dec 1 15:13:23 PST 2008

>Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 22:19:54 +0100
>From: Giso Grimm <gg3137 at vegri.net>

>plutek-infinity wrote:
>>> Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 12:04:38 -0500 From: plutek-infinity
>>> <plutek at infinity.net>
>>> i'm using ardour v2.7 with an RME Multiface and hardware monitoring
>>> for the headphone mix in a multi-tracking situation.
>> replying to myself.... i see in
>> http://osdir.com/ml/audio.ardour.user/2005-04/msg00143.html paul's
>> comment:
>> "you cannot do zero latency input monitoring *and* playback on the
>> same channel. the hardware just doesn't allow it."
>Paul is mentioning RME Hammerfall 9636 (it would be the same for the RME
>Digi96 family), but is not the same on the hdsp-series, where (as you
>already wrote in a later mail) mixing software-output and hardware input
>with zero latency (i.e., 3 samples plus anti-aliasing filters, still
>about 1.5 ms for most converters) is possible.
>Actually I observed similar problems with the delay compensation in 2.6,
>but I am not yet sure enough to report a bug: I have the feeling that it
>is related to opening 0.99 sessions, which affects the instant.xml or
>similar, which will cause ardour2.x internal defaults others than shown
>in the menus. Switching it in the menus (track context menu, alignment,
>align with existing material), saving it once, switching it back, saving
>again will possibly solve the problem. The same is with crossfade
>settings. But again, it is more a feeling than an observation, to early
>to call it a bug.
>Did you load a 0.99 session recently?

no, i haven't dealt with any 0.99 sessions for a very long time, and i have checked the alignment settings in my test sessions.


>> perhaps that's my answer... the multiface can't switch between
>> playback and live monitoring that way?
>> hmmmm.... i guess the only way, then, would be something like
>> reserving a *different* channel on the multiface for the incoming and
>> monitor signal, separate from those used for playback of existing
>> tracks. so, always punching in on a separate track/channel, and
>> combining the playlists as required later. or something. it's a bit
>> clumsy.
>> any other ideas?


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