[Ardour-Users] punch-in with hardware monitoring - latency problem

John Rigg au at sound-man.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 03:46:29 PST 2008

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 12:19:37PM -0500, plutek-infinity wrote:
> replying to myself.... i see in http://osdir.com/ml/audio.ardour.user/2005-04/msg00143.html paul's comment:
> "you cannot do zero latency input monitoring *and* playback on
> the same channel. the hardware just doesn't allow it."

This refers to the fact that the sound card's internal routing
only allows a given hardware output to be connected to one
signal source at a time. You can connect it to either the internal
mixer output or an alsa pcm output, not both at once.

Here it means that Ardour's master outputs can't be connected
to the same hardware outputs as the RME card's internal mixer,
but have to be routed to the appropriate mixer inputs instead.


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