[Ardour-Users] Saving/Persisting AU Params

Ben Powers bennyp at out-of-order.ca
Sun Aug 24 11:28:30 PDT 2008


According to Paul, there is some code missing in Ardour's AU  
capabilities which provide for saving AU plugin settings. Practically  
this means that users can't save presets, and their AU parameters  
won't persist past a session closing or a quit. This is very annoying  
for users who aren't aware of this behavior.

I would very much like to see this problem resolved. Are there any  
coders available that could take a look at it? How much would you  
charge to have the issue sponsored? I'm not rich my any means, but if  
you quote me an amount, I may be able to provide some compensation for  
your work.

Thanks a mint!

Ben Powers
bennyp at out-of-order.ca

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