[Ardour-Users] Support for Linux VST and VSTi?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Apr 20 08:31:34 PDT 2008

Droscy wrote:
> You can compile Ardourd with the VST support, see
> http://ardour.org/building_vst_support .
> Bye
> Droscy
> ps. If you are using Debian, I wrote a little how-to to compile Ardour
> with VST as a deb package, but it's in Italian, you can try to
> translate it with google. I attach it here: [...]

Hi :)

I'm receiving the mails with delay. The homepage of Steinberg is
http://www.steinberg.net/ and the actual link seems to be
http://www.steinberg.net/553+M5a2dadd1fab.html?&0=, I' m not sure didn't
read it but they have a searching engine on their page. A long time ago
I compiled Ardour for Suse with VST but today I think it will be better
not to use proprietary elements even if I know that there are lot of
pages with free VSTs given features I never found as LADSPA, DSSI or
LV2. To become all the audio and video features Microsoft and Apple
based applications have I think it will be better to go the hard way by
abandoning them as long as it is possible or better as long as it takes
that Linux workstations have them too. By the way, I changed from Suse
to Debian and I recommend to use 64 Studio http://www.64studio.com/.
Until now Linux DAWs need faster hardware and a lot of RAM comparing to
Windows and there are many professional features missing and all the
time there will be problems with hardware even if the hardware is sold
as Linux compatible BUT the main thing should be that no knowledge is
restrained for the Linux OS itself and most applications AND that Linux
isn't a criminally concern like Apple and Microsoft seems to be.

Maybe Kacper Pluta will ask the list if  there are any alternatives for
the VSTs he likes and maybe he will ask other lists too before compiling
Ardour with VST support.


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