[Ardour-Users] jackd watchdog: timeout - killing jack

Droscy droscy85 at yahoo.it
Fri Sep 28 03:18:45 PDT 2007

Arnold Krille ha scritto:
>> Audio interface: TASCAM US-122
> That has my interest. Does it crash when playing or only when recording (and 
> playing)?
Recording and playing with Ardour.
I haven't tryed it on "Recording Only" or "Playback Only".
> My tascam (my usb on the laptop to be specific) doesn't like writing to disk 
> when running a soundcard on usb. Reading from disk is fine, recording to 
> ram-disk is fine, writing, be it recording or simple copying of files, 
> crashes jack and the syslog show some strange usb-errors...
How can I write to ram-disk?
> So check the dmesg and the syslog for errors when it crashes.
I'll check.
> Arnold

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