[Ardour-Users] Important test:

John Rigg au at sound-man.co.uk
Sat Sep 15 02:14:30 PDT 2007

On Sat, Sep 15, 2007 at 02:04:05PM +1000, Geoff Beasley wrote:
> Folks,  I am on something of a quest here. I have been suffering clicks in the 
> audio stream here for sometime now.  I have changed my audio HW from 3 x 
> ice1712 cards to a Firepod firewire, changed my Distro 3 times, changed 
> everything I know about kernels, jack, alsa etc etc...; all to no avail. The 
> click manifests when duplex recording from ardour back into ardour  ( or 
> traverso, mhwaveedit etc... this is not ardour specific)


Is this affected by period size? I seem to remember from some
of your previous posts that you're using short periods. I haven't
noticed the problem you describe with my 3 x Delta 1010s, but I
usually use period size 1024 (I don't use MIDI and I monitor
from hardware, so latency isn't a problem). My system isn't set up
right now so I can't test this.


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