[Ardour-Users] multichannel files and envelope lines

Hector Centeno hcengar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 18:41:25 PDT 2007


I have some questions regarding using multichannel files in Ardour. I
tried to import a 12 channel aiff file and checked the option for
splitting channels in the import dialog but what I got was only
channel one in one track. Also tried importing the 12 channel file in
one track and the resulting region displayed 12 stacked duplicates of
channel 1.

My second question is regarding the Master output. It seems to be
limited to 2 channels, is that right? I can't add more than 2 channels
because the button in the outputs dialog becomes grayed out after
adding the second one.

And finally, I was wondering what is the status of the bug that
appeared in 2.0.5 regarding the envelope lines being invisible? Is it
fixed in trunk?

Thanks for any help! It's greatly appreciated!


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