[Ardour-Users] Ardour does not record when acting as Jack - master clock

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Tue Sep 11 08:33:33 PDT 2007


  I would like to be able to record using Ardour in Jack master mode,
i.e. while Ardour is also controlling (play, stop) the Seq 24
sequencer.  Maybe I'm doing something not right, but it seems
rather straightforward.

  I start Ardour with a current project.  I switch from 'Internal' to
'JACK' and then I click on the master clock button so that it becomes
green.  I then start Seq24, and in options I chose sync to jack master
in live mode.  I program a simple 4-bar hi-hat click track in Seq24,
activate it, and press start in Ardour.  Ardour starts rolling and
Seq24 starts playing.  Good.  I then erase the content of a track in
Ardour, connect the inputs to it, press record on both the track and
the master record and press play.  Ardour starts rolling, Seq24 starts
playing, but nothing is recorded in Ardour.  The track changes color as
the cursor advances, but there's no black bottom to that colored track,
no audio waves are shown and when I press stop, the whole colored track

  Surely enough, when I switched back to internal and clicked off the
master clock button and immediately started recording, the recording
of the audio input happened.

  So, what am I doing wrong ?  And is it possible at all to record when
Ardour is starting/stopping Seq24 ?

Thanks !


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