[Ardour-Users] now waveview after importing

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Mon Sep 10 16:32:57 PDT 2007

hi paul & co,
as from rev2444-ongoing, if i import an audio file, the file will be 
imported, but no waveview will be displayed in the editor. if i save, 
close and restart the session, the file is presented with a proper waveview.

now, i have another issue, and i am not sure if it is related to the 
latest change in the code or if was present one revision before too:

if i import the same audio file twice (or more times) and i close and 
restart ardour, the file will be present now in two tracks, bat if i 
move one of the both files, the other one will move too.
the same happens with other edit operation like cut, duplicate etc.

the worse thing is that if i mark both files and try to remove them vie 
the 'del' button of my machine, ardour is just freezing and can only be 

no messages in the terminal, no segfault...
this does not happen if i try deleting vie region-context-menu.

i tried already rebuilding ardour without debug option to see if the 
debug code is causing the problems, but ardour behaves here the same, 
with or without debug option built in.

is there a way for me to downgrade the ardour code to rev2442, so i can 
see if i can reproduce the freeze without the changes in the rev 2444?


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