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Tue Sep 4 04:29:52 PDT 2007


I'm in the process of writing an updated key commands page for the manual,
which I will soon submit for consideration. If I could get some help
confirming which key commands have actually been deprecated since the
manual was written, it would be much appreciated.

The following key commands appear not to work, but I am not 100% sure if
they have been changed, or if my testing of them is inadequate.

-Starts a Prefix Entry Sequence (ctrl-u): this doesn't do anything on any
version of Ardour. Is it a type of punch-in command?

- Relative Alignment of Region Sync Points or Starts (a)
- Absolute Alignment of Region Sync Points or Starts (Meta-a)
- Relative Alignment of Region Ends (Ctrl-Shift-a)
- Align Region Ends (Ctrl-Meta-a): 
None of the align commands appear to do anything in the >2.0 versions of
Ardour. There is one 'Align' command in  0.99's menu, so given that it
doesn't appear in any menu of the latest version, I've assumed that 'align'
actions are now achieved in another manner.

-Step Track Height (Shift-Mouse Wheel): 
This action appears to just scroll the editor window up and down. Can
stepping track height be achieved via another key/mouse combo?

-Zoom In/Out(mouse wheel in Zoom Mode):
 again, just scrolls the editor window vertically.

- Constrained Move Control Point + Move All Later Points With Same Time
Displacement (Ctrl-Button 2 drag on control point, in automation track): 
This command seems to do the same as Constrained Adjustment.

- Toggle For the Entire Mix Group When the Group is Not Active (Ctrl-Button
1 click)
- Toggle For All the Tracks and Busses (Shift-Ctrl-Button 1): Neither of
these commands seem to do anything. Does toggling a track mean to select
it? Where abouts should I click to get the desired results? I've tried
clicking on the mixer strip and the strips/group list and neither has any

Could someone also let me know if there any key or mouse commands which do
not appear in either the online manual or any of Ardour's menus.

Thanks in advance


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