[Ardour-Users] behavior of importing stereo files

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Tue Sep 4 04:54:19 PDT 2007

hi list,
i am realizing a very strange behavior while importing stereo files into 
session, and as paul mentioned, i ll report this here, not being aware 
if someone else is realizing that.

if i go 'menu-session-add existing audio' and choose some stereo file in 
the browser, the file will not be imported as a stereo, but as two times 
mono (l+r).
if i import into existing stereo track, the stereo file will be imported 
as mono, and the both channels will be layered underneath of each other, 
although the track still has two in's/out's.
or if i try to import 'into new track' ardour will import the stereo 
track into two new created mono tracks.

apologize if this is already known, i know the import dialog is a work 
in progress.


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