[Ardour-Users] disk not able to keep up with ardour...

Bengt Gördén bengan at kthnoc.net
Thu Oct 25 11:18:10 PDT 2007

Den Thursday 25 October 2007 19.08.14 skrev Arnold Krille:
> Am Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007 schrieb sara lidgey:
> > OK.  I'm down to 17 active tracks and the error still happens constantly.
> > Is there something we're missing?  Are the tracks really deactivated?... 
> > I think something is wrong with this session. I have another 3 minute,
> > 96kHz session with 63 active tracks that plays through without errors.
> I have the feeling that ardour (at least in 0.99.X that I am using) still
> streams the tracks unless the regions are muted (even though the channel is
> already muted and inactive).
> Maybe that is happening here too. Try muting the regions that are not
> played...

Wouldn't that be possible to see with lsof? Or are they still open but not 
streamed? Just a thought.


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