[Ardour-Users] Seems like an Ardour's plugin initialization is wrong

Oleg Ivanenko oivanenko at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 05:49:30 PDT 2007

Hi, all!

I was tried to use Steve Harris's Hard Limiter in Ardour and saw that
it was not working properly.

I have Ardour with one track that contain plugin Hard
with those settings:

Wet level=1
Residue level=0

I think that Peak Meter must show -3 dB, but it shows -6 dB. Track is
been more limited then I was set. :(

I did export unlimited and limited track versions to Audacity and try
process unlimited track with the same settings and saw that Ardour
really more limits track then Audacity with equal plugin's settings.

What is I doing wrong?

PS: I can post screenshots of track limited by Audacity and Ardour if
this is acceptable.
Truly yours, Oleg Ivanenko aka Ash
[if it wasn't so sad, it would be funny]

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