[Ardour-Users] status OS X - ardour - qjadeo

Luigi Rensinghoff soundgigi at freenet.de
Fri Oct 12 06:10:34 PDT 2007

Hi List....

I have a question...about ardour and video..

It doesnt work on my macbook, but i thought, maybe it is not supposed  
to work.

So i am on a Macbook an i am trying to view a video file with qjadeo  
and have ardour synced to it to play the soundtrack.

I start jack with qjackctl and would like qjadeo and ardour to be  
synced by the jacktransport.

Is that th right approach ??

I am getting a varispeed error message in ardout (global varispeed is  
not supported when usin jack transport)..something like that.

i downlaoded ardour 2.1...

Are all these feature implemented in that version, or should i try  
with an older ???

Thanks for feedback

Bye Luigi

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