[Ardour-Users] Multiple-track editing, etc, etc

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Wed Oct 10 20:30:22 PDT 2007

>Hi Michael,
>On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Michael Dunn wrote:
>>I finally figured out how to edit more than one track simultaneously.
>>One can select a range in one track.  Then, sh/ctl-click the other
>>desired track list areas, and the selected range will clone to the
>>other tracks.
>>This is awkward and time-consuming with *two* tracks.  What if it was *ten*?
>>I'm pretty sure the other DAWs I've used all let you group tracks,
>>and all editing done to any in the group gets applied to all.  This
>>is desperately needed.
>You can do this with ardour's edit groups.  Add one in the right 
>hand side "edit groups" tab, and then click on a track's 'g' control 
>and select the group to add it.  Activate the group, and any edits 
>done on a track will propagate to other "similar" regions on the 
>other tracks in the edit group.  ("similar" basically means starting 
>at the same time and having the same length").

    I may have omitted "activate"ing my group when I previously tried 
this, but I just tried again, exactly as you say; deleted a range in 
one track of the group, and it DID NOT propagate to other tracks.

    I *did* discover ctl-dragging will do this - that is, create a 
multitrack range with selected tracks, though it seems to alternate 
between working and not...

    Also, someone *please* explain the basics of saving and snapshots 
and the infamous "-1" filename suffix.  For example, in the file 
where I just tried the above edit group test, I added a track, tried 
the edit, then quit.  I did NOT save!  Yet when I reloaded the file, 
the new track was still there.  People REALLY NEED TO KNOW what 
changes are automatically saved.


>There are some slight problems with edit groups in current releases 
>but I am working on ironing them out.  Please let me know if 
>anything doesn't work as expected!

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