[Ardour-Users] OSX plugin problems

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Oct 10 19:59:22 PDT 2007

On 10/10/07, Michael Dunn <md at cantares.on.ca> wrote:
>     Arrrgh, would you believe it!?  Out of the 100+ plugs I just
> installed, the 2 below (and 1197) aren't loading.  If I refresh the
> plug-in list, I get an error for each saying "can't load the module,
> no suitable image found; did find blahblah, but wrong architecture".
> Could this be an Intel/PPC issue?  I have a G5...
> >/usr/lib/ladspa/pitch_scale_1193.so:
> >         Pitch Scaler (1193/pitchScale)
> >/usr/lib/ladspa/pitch_scale_1194.so:
> >         Higher Quality Pitch Scaler (1194/pitchScaleHQ)

Yes, I had an issue building them on PPC, sorry.  However, I have used
them and they suck too, don't despair, they aren't worth crying about.

>     The TAP pitch shifter is unfortunately not too impressive.  And
> there's a MAJOR delay through it.  Does one have to manually
> compensate for plug-in delays??

Only with plugins that don't correctly report their latency, otherwise
you can insert the Artificial Latency plugin from SWH and dial in a
number until it fixes it.

Have you tried AM Pitchshifter from SWH?  For certain sources it does
a decent job.  Overall, I think you won't find a great LADSPA for
everything (or even anything you want) in the pitch shifting arena.
This is where support for VST or AU in ardour on macs would help
(ardour does support VST's in linux through wine).  I think this will
come soonish.

As for the CAPs patches, I'm afraid I won't be able to help until next
week, sorry....


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