[Ardour-Users] Multiple-track editing, etc, etc

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Wed Oct 10 09:38:49 PDT 2007

I finally figured out how to edit more than one track simultaneously. 
One can select a range in one track.  Then, sh/ctl-click the other 
desired track list areas, and the selected range will clone to the 
other tracks.

This is awkward and time-consuming with *two* tracks.  What if it was *ten*?

I'm pretty sure the other DAWs I've used all let you group tracks, 
and all editing done to any in the group gets applied to all.  This 
is desperately needed.

Also, I get the impression ranges are kinda second-class citizens. 
More operations, involving say cursors, would be nice.

Also2, key commands using the 'keypad' don't seem to work on OSX.


>  >Michael Dunn wrote:
>  >>  I still don't know how to
>>>   simultaneously edit (e.g., selecting and operating on a range) more
>>>   than one track at a time.  Surely there's a way...?
>>Can you not do what you want by selecting multiple tracks?  Either drag
>>a box around them, or hold Ctrl (or is it Shift, I don't remember?)
>>whilst you select additional tracks.  Then, your edits are usually
>>applied to all of the selected tracks.  For example, if you select
>>several tracks, then place the mouse cursor over one of the tracks and
>>press 'S', I believe it should split all of the selected tracks at that
>     (e.g.) Split will work across tracks if you select all the regions
>(NOT tracks) manually.  But I can't edit edges or make range
>selections, as I wrote above.

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