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Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 00:08:04 PDT 2007

Paul Davis wrote:

> it has no effect, and will never have any effect on your ability to
> scroll past it.

Ok, I'll try again...

Here are two screen shots, one that's shows a session with the problem: 
http://atte.dk/download/ardour1.png and one where ardour behaves as I 
would like it to: http://atte.dk/download/ardour2.png.

Lets start with the second one (http://atte.dk/download/ardour2.png):
At the bottom of the screen is (what I call) a scrollbar, that let's me 
scroll through the span of my session, marked with a red circle. This is 
all the way to the right, meaning I'm at the end of my session and I 
can't drag the scrollbar further to the right. At the top the time shows 
6:40 minutes...

The first one (http://atte.dk/download/ardour1.png) is different:
The scrollbar is *not* all the way to the right, yet the time is 20:28 
hours. This session has the end marker placed at 3:44 minutes, and at 
this position (3:44 minutes) the scrollbar is almost all the way to the 
left, making it impossible to use the scrollbar to navigate to a 
position in the session. Going to the very beginning of the session, 
smallest amount I can advance using the scrollbar (with my G5 gaming 
mouse set to highest precision) is to 2:40, see 

So we're clearly not using the term scroll the same way. Can you, Paul, 
agree that something is not at it should be with the session in 
http://atte.dk/download/ardour1.png? And if so could you also offer a 
solution to make it behave in a fashion similar to 

peace, love & harmony

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