[Ardour-Users] Plugin recommendations?

Bengt Gördén bengan at kthnoc.net
Sat Oct 6 03:40:27 PDT 2007

lördag 06 oktober 2007 05:39 skrev Michael Dunn:
> Hi all.  I'm looking for two plugs:
> 1. A nice, natural reverb, and
> 2. A pitch shifter (1 octave down)
> Any recommendations?

We probably have different views of "nice" :-) But I always use TAP 
Reverberator although it is not recommended from a real-time perspective. But 
I have found it to be ok for my purposes.

One way to find out is to do this in a terminal:

listplugins | egrep -i "pitch|reverb"

I got this answere on my JAD-distro:
        AM pitchshifter (1433/amPitchshift)
        CAPS: JVRev - Stanford-style reverb from STK (1778/JVRev)
        CAPS: Plate - Versatile plate reverb (1779/Plate)
        CAPS: Plate2x2 - Versatile plate reverb, stereo inputs (1795/Plate2x2)
        Stereo reverb (1950/G2reverb)
        Pitch Scaler (1193/pitchScale)
        Higher Quality Pitch Scaler (1194/pitchScaleHQ)
        Plate reverb (1423/plate)
        TAP Pitch Shifter (2150/tap_pitch)
        TAP Reverberator (2142/tap_reverb)



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