[Ardour-Users] New Member, Ardour 2.1, some Problems

Andreas Kosmowicz kosmonowt at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 4 05:14:00 PDT 2007

Hello Ardour-Users,
I'm new in this group although I'm using ardour2 already for several months,
quite happy about this program.
Yesterday I've been updating ardour2 to ardour2.1 and I was a bit
disappointed, since I miss some features or maybe I just found some bugs.
I'm using ardour2 with JAD-alpha0.9 (OpenSuSE10.2) so I downloaded the
package from packman.
Update was no problem at all but right now I'm using ardour for mastering
some outdoor-festival-recordings, 2-Track-Stereo.
I have two points to mention.

As Oleg also wrote I heavily miss the "EMBED"-Function, since I don't want
to copy every file to my project, just to compress, limit and cut a little
bit, for bouncing it directly (without saving every snapshot of my work).

My work right now is mainly open one project (always the same one), then
embed a soundfile, cutting a little bit, setting new compressor settings
(the signal-flow and all busses stay with same settings), export the file,
then removing the used regions and embed new ones, for the same kind of work
with another file.

2nd topic: After embedding/inserting a file, embed it into my
standard-track, but I cannot see the waveform anymore (as I could in
ardour2.0), no matter if I try to change to logarithmic or once resetting
the show waveform switch.
So always after embedding I have to restart ardour...

Has somebody also made this experiences?

I hope to hear from you soon,
greetings to all of you,
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