[Ardour-Users] question about separate 'F4' function

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Mon Nov 26 05:23:47 PST 2007

hallo list,
since the connection here is really bad in the moment, i cannot ask this 
on IRC, so i ll try here.

i found out that i am able to crash ardour using the F4 function. it 
will exit with segfault and create a core dump.
unfortunatelly, the coredump is ending with:

'Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC '

as the last line.

what does it means?

another question about the same issue:

if i import an audio file, place the edit marker at 1sec of time line, 
than put the mouse at two secs and use F4, the file gets separated.
lets say, i move the muse for one sec later in the time line and use 
again F4.
now i do it for two more times, so separated 4 times completely - now i 
have one region left side to the edit cursor and 4 regions right side. i 
can remove the 3 last regions, they are ok, but the region just next 
right side to the edit cursor is present 8 times now underneath each other.
why is this?
does the question makes any sense for you?

i am able to crash ardour this way, by separating and than moving the 
region to the right in the time line, but it is not easy in the moment 
to produce a backtrace for me.

hope to get some answers on this!!


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