[Ardour-Users] WAVpack and embed audio

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Sun Nov 25 23:06:51 PST 2007

I've noticed an annoying problem.

If I embed audio, Ardour seems to create a hard link, not a soft link. I *really really* wish it wouldn't do that-- just a soft link is sufficient.

I typically WAVPACK my Ardour sessions to save space. Guess what? WAVpack compresses the original embed file, then deletes it. The OS then creates a duplicate file, in the ardour interchange directory. Shit. Then WAVpack compresses the file in the ardour interchange directory. Goddammit! Now there are to copies of the file-- the embed is useless.

Remember, I'm embedding *to save space on the disk*. If I didn't care about disk space, I wouldn't be using embed to begin with. In fact, I care about disk space so much that I compress the files. Now I've got a mess-- and using *more* disk space rather than less.

I think what I'm asking for here is for Ardour to use softlinks when embedding, not hard links. Or, if there's some way to force Linux to not allow hard links, and make ardour happy by telling it there are hard links but they're really not. Or something. I dunno. Any workarounds come to mind?


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