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DA. Forsyth steampipe at iwr.ru.ac.za
Tue Nov 13 00:50:25 PST 2007

On 13 Nov 2007 at 0:35, bradley newton haug murmured decisively:

> >>yes it can do 44.1k, it is listed in the options.  I've had it doing 96k,
> >>so I know I can change it, just cannot figure out how right now (-:
> You can select the sample rate and/or clock source in
> envy24control.  Runs great at 96.

I know I can, but I also see it change back to 48000 when jack starts.... 
no matter what I set jack to

> few things I hope I can contribute to this discussion..
> I avoid using journaled filesystems like the plague for my audio..
> ditto for software raid.  Get your cpu out of the way of the audio...

I thought of remounting my 2nd drive as ext2, since it now has ext3 which 
is journalled.  but setting 32bitmode has fixed my immediate problem.

> Some of the sata (and ide) controllers claim they are raid
> controllers, they are not.  The cpu still does the work.

I assume using a Windows driver?

> also,  do a SMART (I can't ever type that without thinking of homer
> simpson) report on the drive.. in windows I use
> speedfan to get a query from the drive. unsure of what to use under
> linux.   Even if it is packaged new it could have a stupid high number
> of remapped sectors which will cause all sorts of problems.

there is a smart server for gnome, dunno about other tools.  I disabled it 
as being 'one more thing doing disky stuff'

> There could be other factors I am not considering in your cases, but
> my rigs are always built to use a separate audio drive (one drive no
> raid) running ext2.

thanks Brad.  I wish I could build dedicated systems >-:  As it is, my DAW 
is also my desktop PC for normal use and the budget is tighter by the day.

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