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bradley newton haug bradleyhaug at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 00:35:03 PST 2007

>>yes it can do 44.1k, it is listed in the options.  I've had it doing 96k,
>>so I know I can change it, just cannot figure out how right now (-:

You can select the sample rate and/or clock source in
envy24control.  Runs great at 96.

few things I hope I can contribute to this discussion..

I avoid using journaled filesystems like the plague for my audio..
ditto for software raid.  Get your cpu out of the way of the audio...
I used  to avoid IDE as a whole,
but scsi seems to have gone the way of the dodo (at least on the
consumer level).

Some of the sata (and ide) controllers claim they are raid
controllers, they are not.  The cpu still does the work.

also,  do a SMART (I can't ever type that without thinking of homer
simpson) report on the drive.. in windows I use
speedfan to get a query from the drive. unsure of what to use under
linux.   Even if it is packaged new it could have a stupid high number
of remapped sectors which will cause all sorts of problems.

There could be other factors I am not considering in your cases, but
my rigs are always built to use a separate audio drive (one drive no
raid) running ext2.

hope this helps


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