[Ardour-Users] New ardour user - two questions and one bug to report

Lokmer dsawyer at blenderwars.com
Mon Nov 12 19:10:27 PST 2007

Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Nov 2007, Lokmer wrote:
>> I'm new with using Ardour, but on the whole have found it intuitive and
>> comprehensible since I come from a background of doing live sound
>> reinforcement work.  I've run into a couple snags that I'm hoping you
>> guys would be kind enough to help me with.
>> Problem 1: Popping and hissing.
>> Working on my laptop, anytime I playback in Ardour it's accompanied by
>> the most horrendus popping, hissing, and other static sounds.  It's not
>> clipping, and it seems pretty uniform across the audio spectrum (i.e. it
>> happens regardless of whether the voice playing back is high or low, or
>> EQ'd high or low).  This makes it really difficult to do proper EQ
>> passes to minimize room tone, as well as listen to make sure precision
>> edits are actually as precise as they should be.  Has anyone run into
>> this?  Is there a fix - or, indeed, is there a good way to diagnose what
>> exactly is going on so a fix may be arrived at?
> What version of Ardour are you using and can you describe your computer 
> setup a bit (hardware, audio interface, OS/version, etc)?  How many tracks 
> are you trying to record and play back at a time, and at what bitrate and 
> sample rate?
> Do you see any error messages from JACK or qjackctl (if you started JACK 
> that way) about xruns or warnings about your disk(s) not being able to 
> keep up with the amount of data you need to move?  If you're precording or 
> playing back multiple tracks, does the popping/hissing go away at all if 
> you run fewer simultaneous tracks?  Note that just muting a track won't 
> reduce your I/O load - you need to temporarily disable the tracks you 
> don't need to use at the time.
> jms

I was incorrect -- when running jack with RT priority I'm getting xruns 
every thirty seconds or so.

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