[ardour-users] LADSPA plugins takes much resourses ?

Steven Chamberlain steven at pyro.eu.org
Sun May 27 13:13:27 PDT 2007

Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen wrote:
> Well on 8 stereo tracks I've used 3 Tap plugins "2 x Equalizer and 1 x
> Reverb" and 2 others "Dj flager and Dyson compressor". The computer
> crashes 3 minutes after playstart, and status on DSP was 75%. This time
> I waited 5 minutes, and the computer unfreezes again with a message that
> it had a fail reading data from harddisk during playback, also a message
> that jack has been shutdown.

For now I think it's probably just a 'denormal issue'.  It happens to me
too with most of the TAP plugins on my machine (dual Opteron).  Usually
the machine can work fine until a 'quiet part' in the song, and then the
CPU ('DSP') usage spirals up and the machine freezes.

For now I can only suggest trying some of the others and see if there
are any which don't lock up the machine; maybe try swapping the TAP
Equalizers with another like 'Multiband eq' if you have that.

I intend to look more closely at the problems I experience with the TAP
plugins and others, but unfortunately I won't have time to do this for a
few days yet.

Good luck,
Steven Chamberlain
steven at pyro.eu.org

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