[ardour-users] New session from commandline _with_ template selection?

Tim Mayberry mojofunk at gmail.com
Mon May 14 07:32:16 PDT 2007

On 5/13/07, rob <rob at curates-egg.org> wrote:
> >> If not currently possible, I'd like to reuse my session rewriting code
> >> for 0.99.x which rewrote "template" sessions to instantiate them as new
> >> sessions.
> > Is what you are doing any different from creating a new session from a
> > template? why do you need special code to do that?
> Somewhere in the distant Ardour past templates didn't retain UI/MIDI
> bindings - so I wrote a python script to deep-copy and rename existing
> sessions.

If this is still the case with ardour2 we would like to know about it
and fix it if possible.

> If Ardour2 currently cannot provide "new session from template" via
> command-line then I'll have to consider reusing my 0.99.x script.

I've submitted a feature request on your behalf in the bug tracker:


If you could take a look and give any suggestions that would be good.
It should be pretty straight forward to implement this, probably less
code than a script, the only downside that I can see being that you
may have to wait a little bit for a release that supports it.


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