[ardour-users] Some newbie questions

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Tue May 8 07:18:13 PDT 2007

Hi Paul,

Maybe another option to consider for the future (along with Unix file
management utilities) is the concept of a "media pool" - in other words a
common pool where all the media gets stored centrally.  A lot of other DAW's
seem to have adopted this approach recently - for exactly the reasons you

I'm sure that media pools have their drawbacks (e.g. all your eggs are in
one basket) and they're best implemented using reference counting which can
easily go wrong.  However, they do make session copying a lot simpler and
for many scenarios, it's often more efficient to have all the media being
delivered by (say) a central media server.

Also, there's no reason why the media pool can't be hierarchical so that
media can still be kept in project folders.  Or for film & TV work, there
can be separate folders for music, dialog and effects, say - with effects
being subdivided into further classifications.

Maybe worth thinking about for a future version?



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> On Tue, 2007-05-08 at 06:54 +0000, John Emmas wrote:
> > Please can someone answer some dumb questions from a rookie...?
> >
> > 1)  If I hide a track in Ardour, how do I ever get it back again?
> the notebook on the right hand side of the editor window (it could
> hidden - its inside a draggable pane) has a tab for "tracks/busses". in
> that tab, every track/bus has a "show" button/cell to click.
> > 2)  The 'Session' menu doesn't seem to have a 'Save As' option - so if
> > working on a session, how can I save it under a different name?
> amazingly, perhaps. we don't do that. we consider the issues relating to
> copying or not copying GB's of audio data to be so complex and so full
> of pitfalls (just read some of the protools forums for examples of
> people who have lost important work because of misunderstandings or
> forgotten details) that we decided (for now) to provide just
> "Snapshots". This allows you to save the current state of a session
> under a given name, but not as an entirely new session folder - just a
> new session state file. These snapshots really are full sessions - they
> are not some poor cousin of the "real" session. They just happen to live
> in the same folder as the original along with all the associated audio.
> For true session renaming, when its really, deeply necessarily, Unix
> utilities are the way to go, but that has just a little twist to it.
> --p

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