[ardour-users] Playhead won't move (ardour2.0 beta 12)

Neil Shaw neilshaw at mac.com
Fri Mar 30 06:59:12 PDT 2007

Hello all

I am running ardour2.0 beta 12 on an AMD64 Turion. ATI Radeon express  
X1100. Alsa sound drivers.

ardour was built from source without any problems.

Ubuntu 7.04 with a low latency kernel (2.6.20-13-lowlatency)

qjackctl initiated before starting ardour2

ardour2 starts up fine, but the play head won't move at all. Clicking  
on play in the transport produces nothing, as does pressing the space  
bar. The play head can be manually dragged around using the cursor.

I've added one stereo track, set the track to record, pressed the  
record button in the transport (it starts to flash red) and then  
pressed the play button but still the playhead will not move, no  
recording happening. The mixer window shows no sign of any activity  
in the meters. (sound is being piped in through the line in jack on  
the computer. (I can hear the sound on the speakers but that is all)

Anyone have any idea what might be wrong here?


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