[ardour-users] Export all tracks

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Wed Mar 28 18:30:09 PDT 2007

> On Wed, Mar 28, 2007 at 06:17:05PM +0200, prg at ichthyostega.de wrote:
>>  - correct handling of multi channel busses. At least: If exporting an
>>    stereo bus, I'd like the ability to eiter generate two mono wavs or
>>    one stereo wav. Of course, different channel configurations mixed
>>    (some mono tracks, some stereo tracks, etc.). Nice, if this worked 
>>    for multi channel as well (e.g. using ambisonics busses)
Thorsten Wilms schrieb:
> Split / Joined multichannel has to be an option.
> But if I understand you right, you would like to have it per track/bus, 
> not only once on a global level? If so, why? What would be the use case?
No, I didn't mean that. This would probably bloat the GUI while beeing
a rather obscure feature. Just one global button "output Joined multichannel"
would be enough IMHO.
I just wanted to stress the point that you can mix different number of channels.
E.g. you choose "joined multichannel" and you can select several mono tracks,
a stereo bus and a 9 channel ambisonics bus (just to give an example) and
thus get all of your export in one single export job (some source tracks
as mono WAV, a conventional stereo mixdown to burn for a demo CD or for
mp3 encoding and the ambisonics master). If you would select split multichannel
then you would get the same tracks, but every track in a mono wav of its own
(implying some clever naming scheme and some "sanitizing" of file names)

Thorsten Wilms schrieb:
> I guess disabling gain but including plugins would be asking for trouble. 
> So it should be about after which step to get the signal, with pan maybe 
> an independent option.
seems to be a clever aproach, because you always get a sane configuration.

> Hmm. Export blocks JACK with the freewheeling mode. As that might be a 
> problem for large sessions, I already included the creation of a batch 
> job as (halfway) solution in my design document. So this would be all 
> the same :)
If JACK is blocked during a two-hours export job while I am sleeping,
I am just fine :)

Scriptability or some batch soultion have another implication, which
may not be immedately obivious: you can check the scripts into SVN.
(I for my part value this comfort and additional safety very much
and allways check in all my session files, even the whole automation
subdir and I often review changes with gnu meld.)
So, if you just back up your sounds-dir (and the SVN of course),
you can re-run identically every export later on if you wish.

Hermann Vosseler

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