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Wed Mar 28 09:17:05 PDT 2007

On Mon, Mar 26, 2007 at 04:38:19PM +0200, Sebastian Arnold wrote:
> > I would also use this feature since I record and arrange in ardour and
> > and later need single-track WAVs in order to mixdown in a studio using Logic
> > or Cubase. A "pre-fader export" option would be great, so the mix can
> > start with tracks in their recorded volume levels.

yes, that's a quite common scenario. And the damn thing is: you are ALLWAYS
late. Several times, I was sitting there well after midnight befor some
deadline and exporting lots and lots of tracks. So ervery improvement here
will be greatly appreciated... :-)

Am Montag, den 26.03.2007, 16:57 +0200 schrieb Thorsten Wilms:
> I'm still working on an export dialog design proposal, but I'll also 
> take notes on this.
> So far:
> - Save Tracks/Busses to separate files
> - Option to export audio 'naked' (pre-fader but also pre-plugins)
> - Timestamping
> At this point I wonder if just either no plugins, no gain applied 
> and both applied is enough?
> Open for all input.

Hello Thorsten,

some proposals for an export function, based on my own past experiences
using Ardour 0.99

 - most important would be the ability to select some tracks / busses.
   So you can export e.g. your subgroups.
 - very helpful would be the ability to export a defined region of the
   timeline, e.g. the punch range. Of course it is absolute necessary
   that this works 100% accurate (up to single sample and no latencies),
   but I think, that's the case in ardour anyway.
 - correct handling of multi channel busses. At least: If exporting an
   stereo bus, I'd like the ability to eiter generate two mono wavs or
   one stereo wav. Of course, different channel configurations mixed
   (some mono tracks, some stereo tracks, etc.). Nice, if this worked 
   for multi channel as well (e.g. using ambisonics busses)
 - enabling only some of (pre/postfader, gain, pan) would be nice and
   helpful (but I consider this not so important then the above).
   If such is included, we shouldn't forget the pan: a switch to
   *disable* all panners would be nice..
 - some sort of scriptability of this feature woud be really helpful:
   so you can prepare the export script and if your session is ready
   finally (which probably will be at 2:00 AM ), you just have to
   start the export script and go to bed...

Hermann Vosseler

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