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Matthew Polashek matt at tinysongs.com
Fri Mar 23 16:06:16 PDT 2007


I made a 1 rack space dual IDE bay firewire enclosure for about  
$120.  I've used it with much success for sessions with more than 16  
tracks.  Also, I've used a second IDE bus to record 16 tracks  
simultaneously on a live gig.  (4-hours non stop 16 tracks using OSX  
on a G4 450 with a MOTU 2408 and PCI 324 card as the interface.)   
Ardour + OSX + firewire = rock solid.

Firewire drive project:


IDE project:

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On Mar 21, 2007, at 11:06 AM, ardour-users-request at lists.ardour.org  

> firewire raid boxes
Out of curiosity, is anyone here using ardour with external drive
enclosures using firewire back to your computer?  If so, is it a single
drive, RAID, or JBOD?  I'm mainly looking for feedback from people doing
higher track-count work, i.e. 16+ simultaneous tracks.

Option 2 is to pipe my optical outs into something like an Alesis  
HD24 for
the initial tracking of the project, then pull the tracks into Ardour  
the mix and post work.


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