[ardour-users] [ANN] Mackie MCU, BCF2000 and Tranzport testers wanted

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Fri Mar 23 01:46:20 PDT 2007

John Anderson wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 14:57 +0100, Giso Grimm wrote:
>> A possible extensio could be to map home/end via shift1, and put
>> rew/ffwd on the same buttons without shift. Or use shift1+loop /
>> shift1+click for rew/ffwd, this is possible to reach with only one hand
>> (shift1+previous/next is hard to reach).
> I'm thinking it's a good idea to keep left/right things mapped
> equivalently on the surface. punch in/punch out don't have a left/right
> orientation, so maybe they could work as shift1+loop/shift1+click. Which
> would free up the top 2 buttons for ffwd/rew.
> But that leaves quite a distance between play/stop and ffwd/rew, which
> is not good.
> Another possibility is to move play/stop to where bank switching is,
> giving more buttons that are close to play/stop.

The current position of play/stop is easy to find, I would leave it
where it is. I suppose that reaction time is more critical for rew/ffwd
than for home/end; I could imagine using this layout, keeping basic keys
like bank switching and stop/play at its place:

shift1     loop/punch in
shift2     click/punch out
home       end
rew        ffwd
bank--     bank++
prev. m.   next marker
stop       play

However, the BCF2000 has probably not the best key layout for transport

Best regards,


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