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Christian Muise christian.muise at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 18:31:36 PDT 2007

> the students deserve the money that google pays them, and we could
> certainly not justify consuming 25% of their payment for this purpose.
> if a student really wanted an MCU anyway, i guess this as good a way of
> getting one as any, but i would not want to push such a idea myself.

  Definitely, but as you mentioned, I wouldn't mind keeping the MCU for my
home studio ;). Justifying a purchase like that is always preferred rather
than sending it to something silly like student loans...

>   Would there be interest for another proposal of the sort this year?
> well, the thing is that john anderson has already written most of the
> code required for Mackie Control support. what is missing at this point
> are details and ergonomic design that can only be done if you actually
> have the system. i am not sure its a particularly good use of an SoC
> project, but its nota bad one either.

Tis what I figured. There's a max of 20 apps so I'll submit one just in


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