[ardour-users] Presonus Firebox and ubuntu

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Wed Mar 14 23:51:13 PDT 2007

Quoting flx foo <flxlist at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
>   I made some tests with ubuntu, i would like to make some packages
> for 6.10(edgy). But, due to packaging method ubuntu/debian use, it's
> hard to do. And
> if it is not hard, it takes too much time for me!!! ;)

If you want to help the ubuntu community with audio issues, i suggest you
contact the ubuntustudio project. They are already far-far ahead of you, and
their packages are uploaded directy into feisty.

IRC is probably the easiest way to contact them: #ubuntustudio on

>   In fact, i must get libiec61883 been updated, and i didn't find any
> documentation about to make libiec61883[-1] and libiec61883-dev (with
> dependencies) packages to get this lib updated by apt... All i got is a
> uniq
> package which doesn't match dependencies and break the dependencies
> manager.

If I am not totally mistaken, feisty will have a freebob enabled version of

>   So, at the end, i decided to move to a slackware method, and put them
> to a
> /usr/local_mythings... with ld.so.conf updated correctly.

When dealing with jack, never-ever-never-ever install more than one version
of jack on your system. This causes all sorts of nasty issues. See, the
clients using jack must use the exact same version of libjack that jackd is
using. If you have multiple versions of jack lying around, the probability
of running into trouble of mythical proportions is closing on 1.0 very fast.

>  And, everything's fine...
> -  jack-audio-connection v102.2 compiled properly, and working well...
> Another but!, i got to have every softwares, which use jackd, to be
> compiled
> again because of the protocol... (v15 to v16?), And with the dependency
> tools, i can't get it to work (ardour2 for ex, and libthread trouble).

We will gladly help you with trouble compiling ardour, but to do so we need
to see the exact errors from g++. I suspect you are only missing a dev
package or a few. Try looking at key words in the compiler error messages
and see if there are corresponding libraries available for which you do not
have the dev package installed yet.

On any debian-like system, installing the metapackage "build-essential" is
.. well .. essential. I trust you've done this already.


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