[ardour-users] Presonus Firebox and ubuntu

flx foo flxlist at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 02:11:59 PDT 2007

Hi all,

  I made some tests with ubuntu, i would like to make some packages
for 6.10(edgy). But, due to packaging method ubuntu/debian use, it's
hard to do. And
if it is not hard, it takes too much time for me!!! ;)
  In fact, i must get libiec61883 been updated, and i didn't find any
documentation about to make libiec61883[-1] and libiec61883-dev (with
dependencies) packages to get this lib updated by apt... All i got is a uniq
package which doesn't match dependencies and break the dependencies manager.
  So, at the end, i decided to move to a slackware method, and put them to a
/usr/local_mythings... with ld.so.conf updated correctly.

 And, everything's fine...
-  jack-audio-connection v102.2 compiled properly, and working well...

Another but!, i got to have every softwares, which use jackd, to be compiled
again because of the protocol... (v15 to v16?), And with the dependency
tools, i can't get it to work (ardour2 for ex, and libthread trouble).

SO, i would like to have experiences of people who make it possible on there
machines and ubuntu...

david tourrel (aka flx.foo)

PS: my new station *ASUS W7J*-3P008P - ubuntu edgy - presonus firebox
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