[ardour-users] A few questions

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Thu Mar 1 05:42:51 PST 2007

Carl Hetherington wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm taking a look at ardour again after a hiatus of a year or two.  I'm 
> very impressed!
> I have just a few quick questions that I haven't been able to find answers 
> to.  Any pointers would be much appreciated.
> 1.  Can I have groups of regions, so that e.g. cutting one of the regions 
> in the groups applies the same cut to the other regions in the group?  Are 
> these called "edit groups"?  How do I set one up?
> 2.  I notice that, perfectly logically, one can't insert (for example) a 
> stereo plugin into a mono track.  I expect there's a planned neat solution 
> to this "limitation"; any clues as to what it is?  Is there any way I can 
> insert the plugin anyway and get ardour to just use one of its channels?
> 3.  Automation: I can draw gain automation over a region with the "draw 
> gain automation" tool,
this is only gain automation, and it is directly related to the region - 
if you move the region in the  time line, the automation will move with 
the region too.
>  but how does this relate to the automation "tracks" 
> that become visible when I do "show all automation" on a track?  How can I 
> draw automation into /these/ tracks?
"show all automation, for me is really not elegant enough, cause it 
shows you all the parameters which can be automated in the track. so if 
you use a tap-eq it will open for you about 20 new automation tracks. 
ok, if you really want to automate every parameter...
if not, do a click a little "a" button underneath  of the track name and 
choose the parameter which you want to automate, than a automation track 
will open and you can go in with the object tool and produce the 
automation points. than change the automation modus from "manual" to 
"play" and enjoy!
you can experiment now with the other modes of automation, it can be 

hope that helps a little,
> Thanks for any tips.
> Cheers
> Carl
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