[ardour-users] Looping Punch-in/out tracks

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Jun 19 20:18:59 PDT 2007

On 6/19/07, Brett Clark <Brett at ciscoinc.com> wrote:

> solo that i will punch in at a specific point.  I created the punch
> in/out area,  then i
> encapsulated that within a loop that spanned 2 bars before the punch-in and
> 1 bar
> after the punch-out.  I selected the 'punch-in' and 'punch-out' buttons, the
> master
> record, and the track record for the track i needed punched, and finally
> started the
> process rolling with the 'loop' transport button.
> Heres my issue:  It worked great the first time through, but on the 2nd loop
> (and
> all additional loops) i lost all output from the rhythm and drum tracks
> until i hit
> the punch-in point again.  Ardour wasnt even showing metering for these
> tracks.

If this ever worked it was total luck as Ardour was never set up to
loop while recording.
However, the good news is that I have pretty much implemented it in my
local tree and will commit it to the trunk within the next week.
Basically you will be able to set up a loop (with or without punch
locations) and record multiple takes each time around the loop, with
new regions being created each time around.

Eventually we'll formalize the notion of "takes" to make them easier
to deal with, but for now they will just be overlapping regions in the
same playlist (which are selectable, raisable, etc, from the context
menu).  Automatic xfades might be an issue for the new regions, we'll


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